Naturen behöver dig inte. Du behöver naturen.
Naava är ett privatägt, oberoende företag med +60 anställda. Vi har vårt huvudkontor i Helsingfors, Finland. Vi jobbar för att återskapa respekten för naturen för att driva människor och planeten mot ett hälsosammare, hållbart stadsliv.


Eeva Niemelä
Sales Director Nordics

What made you come to Naava?
When I first heard about Naava, it was still a newly established start-up which had the freshest and coolest innovation in the world, a real greenwall sit super boosted air purifying plants. I knew I wanted to work towards its growth and contribute my own skills to the company's development.

Now, after almost 10 years, all my dreams of growth alongside the company have come true, and I've had the opportunity to be part of Naava's journey to becoming an international growth company. Personal growth within an innovative and ambitious company is a fantastic experience, and the opportunity is still there for all of our employees. 

What is the vision for the future for Naava? 
First and foremost, growth, continuous learning, and rapid development are deeply embedded in Naava's DNA. In the near future, our vision is to further solidify our position in our international core markets, such as Sweden, and build a strong, desirable brand and profitable business there with the best possible team. Our longer term vision also includes becoming the world's leading provider of biophilic indoor solutions, even though this is partly the reality already.

What is it that makes Naava a good place to work? 
In short: an excellent product and service that we take pleasure in offering to our customers and promoting to architects and other stakeholders, a super-friendly and helpful team, an open team culture, and nearly limitless opportunities for personal and company success. 

What does Naava do to keep their employees happy at work? 
Meaningful work makes us happy. Naava, as a product, has a positive impact on everyone, which makes offering it to our customers a delightful and rewarding experience.

At Naava, you also have the opportunity to network with interesting partners, develop, and challenge yourself while enjoying full support and assistance from the company. In a secure, yet ambitious environment, success comes naturally.

Of course, we take care of the well-being and happiness of our teams and employees through various benefits, competitive compensation, and by nurturing a strong team culture. 

What are the biggest perks of working at Naava? 
In addition to our awesome Sales Director? Just kidding!

Naava is a friendly-minded and fun company that genuinely wants the best for its employees and cares about them as employees, colleagues, and individuals. We understand that people have both work and leisure, and we aim to facilitate their seamless integration and balance.

Alongside responsibilities, we provide our employees with a lot of freedom, not forgetting the full support from the team and supervisors, because we believe that each of us is the best expert in managing our own work life. Of course, we also offer fair compensation and other employee benefits. 


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