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Designing a Nice World

Nice is the number one choice in the management of integrated automation systems, thanks to a complete variety of smart and user-friendly products.



Morris Carr
Managing Director

How did Nice start and what is your vision for the future?
Nice started in a garage with a vision to revolutionise the Home Automation sector by integrating design thinking into the products and simplifying the products both for the end user and installer. This vision has remained unchanged and can still be seen in all products and services from Nice. The future for Nice is clear: to become the number one player in the Home Automation sector. This can be seen by the recent acquisitions in the smart home  sector, with will make Nice products integrate with all major protocols for smart home (Alexa, HomeKit, Google Home, KNX, Z-Wave etc.) in the near future.

What is your role?
I began working as an Export Area Manager responsible for the sales and distribution network in Central and Eastern Europe. As I grew in the role, I was assigned more responsibility and promoted in 2016 to position of Regional Manager responsible for managing several Export Area Manager, salesmen and subsidiaries. At the beginning of 2019 I was responsible for all of Northern and Central Europe and also Asia Pacific. 

At the end of June I was promoted to the position of Managing Director and assigned the task of restructuring elero AB to consolidate all sales at a group level to create a new Nice branch for Northern Europe.

What are the benefits of working at Nice?
Nice had still retained the startup philosophy, meaning it is very dynamic, informal and promotes and awards entrepreneurial thinking. However, Nice is now multinational with 45 legal entities worldwide, meaning an employee can have an interesting and varied career. 

What makes Nice unique?
Nice is the only company to offer a complete range for home Automation with a worldwide, direct distribution network. Furthermore it is one of only a few companies to integrate design thinking into all products. 



An automated sun awning lets you fully enjoy your living spaces, both indoors and out: protection from the sun, heat or rain, as well as more privacy, all in a click. An intelligent system that saves time, effort and money on your power bills!




An automated swing gate makes your life more comfortable, easy and beautiful. Forget the inconvenience of having to open and close your gate manually; with one simple movement you can operate it from the comfort of your home or car. Make a style choice, for you and your property.




An automated garage door is the response to your need for practicality and convenience. Forget the bother and effort of having to lift heavy doors: with Nice, you can open and close your garage door hassle-free.




A road barrier is the most functional and at the same time attractive solution for controlling public and private vehicle transit and access to rest areas, even with high traffic volumes.




Automated blinds protect the inside of buildings against the sun effectively and elegantly, allowing natural light to be adjusted according to personal tastes and needs.



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